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The JUEA family congratulates and wishes well Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator, S.J, upon his appointment as the new Principal of Hekima College.Prior to this Fr. Orobator was the Provincial of Eastern Africa Province of the Society of Jesus (AOR).We are indebted to his diligent leadership and support which have brought JUEA project thus far. He remains a full-time member of the core planning team of JUEA. Asante sana (Thank you very much), Bator!!!

We also congratulate Fr. Jerome Manyahi, S.J ., a member of the core planning team of JUEA, upon successful completion of his PhD in physics at Loyola College, Chennai, India.His doctoral dissertation was "The Logical Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics: The Role of Probability Theory in the Description of Quantum Reality."Hongera (Congratulations), Jerome!!!


On the night of 24th March 1522, St. Ignatius of Loyola went where a poor hopeless beggar sat alone. St. Ignatius stripped himself of his expensive clothing, and gave it to the beggar and he put on the tattered garments of the beggar.

Similarly, St. Peter Claver spent his Jesuit life with mistreated slaves in Colombia, instructing them in the Christian faith and tending to their material needs. This is the reason he is called the “slave of slaves”.

What made these two men exemplary? It is their choices. They chose to love in a special way, to “Find God in All Things”.

The Jesuit model of education follows a similar path: it opens our minds and eyes to the world; it teaches us how we can see the world through the lens of Christ. We ask ourselves what Christ himself would have done in our place. However, to act like Christ entails knowing him and loving him.The greatest way to love him is through service.

In essence, we learn to love and to serve. Herein is hidden our Jesuit Heritage.

By Tobias Dindi, S.J

Student, Arrupe College, Jesuit School of Philosophy, Harare-Zimbabwe




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